Missouri Gender Marker Change

ID Gender Marker Change

If you are interested, you can request a gender designation change on your state issued ID when updating your ID to reflect your name change. This takes some extra steps including meeting with a Physician, Therapist/Counselor, or Social Worker that is willing to support you in the gender marker change application.

You will need to present the following to any DMV:

  • Form-5532 (found here) completed with your trusted provider or social worker (IF CHANGING GENDER MARKER)

  • Present your Court Order of name change approval

You MAY be asked to present

  • Proof of residency

  • Proof of social security number (if you have not previously obtained an ID in that state

  • Birth Certificate

If you are in St. Louis City, it may be convenient to go to the DMV in Rm 111 of City Hall after obtaining the amended birth certificate from Vital Records Office in Rm 127.

Birth Certificate Gender Change

While there are certain legal proceedings that people can do without a lawyer, there are also processes that legally require lawyers to have successful cases. The birth certificate gender marker change is almost always going to need a lawyer to be involved. From what we have heard, people are comfortable leaving the birth certificate gender marker so long as the ID changes (which does not need a lawyer). That being said, we believe in mutual aid and letting people choose what is best for them. Soooooo ...

  1. We can help connect to a lawyer that would be willing to help get the birth certificate gender marker changed.

  2. We can help as much that we can to get financial coverage for that lawyer if they charge.

  3. We are working with lawyers/law schools to make the birth record gender marker more accessible to pro se filers. If there is an update, we will make that public.