Anything that needs to be changed can be changed by showing a certified copy of the judge-signed Judgment (also known as an Order) for legal name change. We have listed documents that may need to be changed based on lived experiences. Some of them, we have given specific instructions on how to get the documents and gender marker changed.

You can use this Post Name Change Checklist to help you keep track of your progress.

Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are frequently used as a document to prove age and identity, so it is important your birth certificate reflects your name. You also need the birth certificate in order to get the "Real" ID. Everyone will need a real ID to vote in future elections and board planes. The birth certificate can be updated in person or by mail.

You will need:

Next, head into the Department of Vital Records and present your documentation while stating you need to make an amendment to your birth certificate due to a name change.

Other Vital Records

Coming soon ... sorry for the delay. We are just starting up as a group.

Social Security Card

Updating your name on your Social Security Card is an important early step soon after your name change approval. The amended Social Security Card will be useful as a proof of age and secondary form of identification when working to update other aspects of your life.

You will need:

Some offices allow correction and replacement requests to be completed by mail or online while others will require you to bring documentation in person. Contact your local Social Security office, which can be determined here.

The Social Security Administration's website has a tool to help you determine if you can complete the SSA's name change process entirely online. Answer the questionnaire here.


If you cannot afford the cost of the ID, there are resources to pay for ID's in St. Louis City and Missouri. 


Whether your passport is used for travel, identification, I-9 employment verification, or anything else, it is imperative that the passport reflects your name change. Important documents and steps are listed below.

If your passport was issued in the last year, you will need to complete, gather and mail the following documents:

Mail these documents through USPS to :

National Passport Processing Center 

Post Office Box 90107 

Philadelphia, PA 19190-0107 

If your passport was issued more than one year ago, you will need to complete, gather and mail the following documents:

Mail these documents to:

National Passport Processing Center

PO Box 90155 

Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155 


Think of any website or documents you have marketed yourself and your skills 

Governmental Agencies

There are several governmental agencies that will need to be contacted to update your name to ensure you receive proper service.


Financial Agencies

Think of any places you have open accounts, loans, debts, or assets you will need to access.


There are many moving parts to owning, renting, or staying in a home, all of which are likely linked to your name.

Medical Care

Any type of medical care and records that may be used in the future could reflect or be notified of your  name change.

Personal Legal Documents

Think of end of life documents and other legal declarations.